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The story of Ruc Ra Ruc Dich

All of a sudden, life came to a grinding halt. And it was during those stagnant days did we come up with an idea of doing something to stir up our life. 

Ruc Ra Ruc Dich exhibition was born out of that desire – as a contemplative response of the art and creative clan to the dark and uncertain era in which we are living. It’s not just an era of a bizarre virus and an uncanny pandemic. In fact, the virus is just an culmination of humanity’s monstrous destruction of the earth and the bitter vengeance of nature. 

To select and arrange more than 70 artworks of 10 visual art forms, contributed by around 40 artists encompassing both reputed figures such as Uu Dam Tran Nguyen, Nguyen Van Du, Ha Huy Muoi and aspiring young artists, and to rotate them among 12 locations across 3 cities are not pieces of cake. After taking time to explore common patterns, themes and unearth fascinating dialogues amongst the artworks, we structured the exhibition into three modules.


The module depicts human’s brutal and violent crimes against the planet that we call home.


The module examines the historical catastrophes that are weighing on us: from the prevailing pandemic, quarantine, lockdown to the state of being separated and disconnected. 


The modules sketches a bright future or rebirth and evolution, a dream world in which nature and human stay in harmony.

The story of Gốclab

To us, art can be and should be accessible to everyone.

Because art is, first of all, the emotions and thrills in our everyday life And GocLab was born in quest of evoking and appreciating such emotions. 

The journey of Toong

We believe that a work environment should first and foremost nurture perpetual creation and enrich the quality of life. 

The vision of GốcCreation

Establishing distinctive brands is just the starting point. The core team of GocCreation are also making endeavors  to craft immersive experiences that can profoundly transform the way people live, contribute values to society while achieving financial goals.

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